Edo Ramen & Sushi Review


Ireland Kopsch

These spicy mussels were a part of their weekly special selection when I was there. This was my first time trying mussels and at first I was very intimidated to try them because I was worried that they would be chewy and gross, but these mussels were cooked to perfection. They were soft, sweet and had the perfect amount of spice, which paired great with the delicate flavor of the mussels, creating an ample space for other flavors to take up, making it so enjoyable.

Are you planning on hanging out in Royal Oak? Is your favorite food sushi or ramen? If so, check out Edo Ramen! It is located at 4313 W. 13 Mile Road. Since its opening in January 2018, the restaurant has caught the attention of many Metro-Detroit residents. In fact, Edo has now won 9 ‘Best Of Detroit’ Awards and countless nominations.

This restaurant-style Japanese Seaweed Salad is perfect when paired with a tray of sushi, or your favorite Asian soup! It is usually served as a starter at most Japanese restaurants and sushi bars, and is also known as “wakame.” It’s vibrant, healthy and it’s the perfect tangy side-dish to accompany any meal. (Ireland Kopsch)

The mouth-watering menu Edo Ramen & Sushi House offers takes an imaginative spin on several dishes from many different Asian cultures, including Japanese, the Filipino, and Hawaiian. The idea for Edo Ramen came from co-owner Eddie Bautista who was raised in Hawaii and of Filipino descent. He helps provide a delicious menu for all dietary needs such as vegan, and gluten-free options. Eddie and his staff always strive to provide the best service and hospitality within their restaurant, making for an overall enjoyable experience and little wait time.

This assortment of sushi I tried was to die for! It included a Diablo Roll and a Rainbow Roll. A Diablo Roll consists of a deep fried California Roll with spicy shrimp, scallops, and caramelized onions. A Rainbow Roll includes a California roll that is wrapped in tuna, salmon, and white tuna. Overall I would say that both rolls were an excellent combination of flavors that made for a delicious spread. (Ireland Kopsch)

Eddie was formerly an owner and chef at Little Tree Sushi in Royal Oak and Edamame in Madison Heights, so he has a long history of working in the food industry. Along with Co-owner Greg Vartanian, Bautisa has recently celebrated the 5-year anniversary of Edo and they both continue to see their restaurant grow in leaps and bounds.

This spicy miso ramen bowl consisted of miso broth, sautéed spicy ground pork, wontons, mushrooms, greens and a soy marinated soft boiled egg. Between this dish’s delicious flavor and beautiful presentation I would have to say that this was my favorite item. Today we know ramen as an easy meal to prepare and a nation-wide comfort food, but Edo’s dish is like no other. It takes the basic ramen that we all know and love and elevates it to another level. (Ireland Kopsch)
These are Kimchi Fries. This dish is very unique considering how it combines both eastern and western flavors, making for an overall delectable item. This dish included steak fries topped with sautéed kimchi & beef. Compared to a basic fry, these fries were packed full of flavor and toppings. (Ireland Kopsch)