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Virtual model shows the athletic building addition.

Upcoming athletic renovations will better Groves community

Leah Salzenstein, News Editor June 3, 2022

The largest change in athletic facilities since the school’s opening has begun. Passed by the Birmingham community on March 10 BPS secured a bond of $195 million dollars toward renovations for the...

The backup in the Groves parking lot creates an issue for students to be on time for class.

Grades not attendance should determine if seniors take finals

Emma Schardt June 3, 2022

“Grades are what will get you into college.” “You need this grade to pass.” “My mom will kill me if I don’t get an A.” These are the thoughts that swirl through my head and that of...

A silver hawk perched outside of the front entrance. The entrance was extremely welcoming. The silver hawk is a perfect pairing with the modern valet loop, senior Lexy Rosenwasser said.

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

Ethan Marcus May 21, 2022

Located in Troy on Big Beaver Road is the magnificent-LOOKING Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant. While the stunning entrance indicates that the food will be five-star worthy, it surely is not. A well-lit...

The buildings lined up and down the street guide all pedestrians eyes toward the huge Eiffel Tower staring down at everyone. This photo was taken at Rue Saint-Dominique on March 26.

My spring break experience in Paris

Jackson Schultz May 21, 2022

I heard the bustling crowds, speaking both French and English, past the crepe stand. I saw the pigeons, looking for food, flapping their wings, and I felt the wind rushing past me. I savored the moment...

The Midnight Golf Program

The Midnight Golf Program

Sample Student May 17, 2022

“Only negros sit in the back. You are Black young men and women,” Mr. Gamlin panned the room looking at all of the Midnight Golf students moving to the front “so you will sit in the front”. My...

Results from the Bipolar Disorder poll I sent to the student body.  The first, fifth, sixth, and seventh options were the four actions of Kanye that I added.

Raising Awareness on Bipolar Disorder

Author, Writer May 17, 2022

If I were to say, “people with bipolar disorder are crazy”, a plethora of people would jump in and disagree, and as they should. That statement is not only inaccurate but it’s also disrespectful...

“Actions Not Words. A Ukrainian woman, dressed in a Ukrainian-style scarf, holds up her handwritten poster to support the Detroit’s Hart Plaza protest on February 27. This is a simple yet powerful phrase to emphasize the light needed against the horror unveiling in Ukraine and its poor citizens, many of them are my relatives.

How the horror of my native land unlocks a longing for my family’s safety in Ukraine

Anastasea Marynovska, Editor April 17, 2022

  “Your cousin got drafted.” My heart jolted to a stop, bile rose from deep in my stomach up to my throat and my chest ached with longing, sympathy, and sheer panic as the four words slipped...

The oversized thought bubble reading, “Detroit Never Left.”  included in a large, vibrant mural is located on Gratiot Avenue near Eastern Market on January 9. Detroit continues to focus on rebuilding, growing and drawing people into the city.  The Improve Detroit mobile app makes it accessible for anyone to report issues such as running water, damaged street signs, and potholes directly to the City Hall.

Magic moments in Motown: Detroit’s comeback

Kate Goldstein, Staff Writer January 17, 2022

  Detroit in one word: progressive. Ever since I was little, I recall hearing “What happened to Detroit?”, “I don’t feel safe there anymore,” and “Detroit used to be such a nice...

These photos are promos for the new holiday episodes of Euphoria broadcast on HBO T.V, one features an up-close, semi-blurred photo of Zendaya while the other features a portrait photo of Hunter Schafer. These photos alone sparked an uproar of excitement in the Euphoria community.

Euphoria TV show breakdown with 2 holiday special episodes

Blair Chernow November 24, 2021

“If I could be a different person, I promise you, I would. Not because I want it, but because they do. And therein lies the catch” - Rue Bennett After watching and obsessing over HBO’s new show...

Comparing yourself to others can be one of the worst feelings for self-image. ”I remember when To The Bone came out and I compared myself to Lily Collins because she was acting as somebody who had the same eating disorder as I did so I compared myself to her and clearly we were not the same,” senior Allison Bozyk said.

Dangers of unrealistic beauty standards and how they damage teens’ self-esteem

Sylvie Ball November 24, 2021

“He liked thigh gaps, he hated cankles, he liked tan lines, long necks, slender shoulders, he liked full lips, small noses, he hated girls who sat like boys, talked like boys, and acted like boys, but...

High school movies vs high school in reality

High school movies vs high school in reality

Kate Silverman November 24, 2021

Drama, relationships, cliques, popularity; some of the most important things that make up your typical high-school movie. But are these really part of the real high-school everyday life? Were they important...

I am pictured with Junior Evan Parker replicating the notorious “mosh pit” from the homecoming game, this photo captured November 7.  Students engage in all the homecoming festivities, all the while acting in a nonchalant manner about masks. With few masks visible, an event of that magnitude could easily be pinpointed as the cause of the Groves Plague.

Reckless students give rise to Groves Plague

Erin Parker November 24, 2021

Seats vacated. Absences plentiful. And a pinpointed origin is unclear. The term coined “Groves Plague'' has been the topic of conversation as student absences become increasingly noticeable. These...

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