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Good friends, senior Sofia Audet-AbdulNour and sophomore Charlisa Penzak, in Boston for a debate tournament.
The friendship recession at Groves
Kathryn Kubicz, Reporter • March 1, 2024

If you have Gen X parents, it’s likely you’ve heard “Back in my day…”...

Girls ages 11 to 18 attend EmpowerHer: girls, sports and bright futures and join a powerful community.
EmpowerHer : girls, sports and bright futures
Maggie Wehler, Staff • February 16, 2024

“We’re here because we are all athletes. Notice how I didn’t say ‘star...

Womens’ lacrosse stick covering the sun on a perfectly clear, sunny day.
Dehoñtjihgwa'és: Lacrosse is more than a game
Samantha Jacobs, Editor • February 14, 2024

Lacrosse is one of the oldest sports in America, originating in today’s New...

Detroit Tigers opening day in 2023.
Insight into the Tigers' 2024 season
Jack Stillwagon, Reporter • February 8, 2024

Detroit fans are craving success. In recent years, Detroit’s professional sports teams have failed over and over again— like how the Detriot...

Avery Gach taking a knee during a game, while one of his teammates is injured.
Offensive lineman Avery Gach is attracting schools throughout the country
Ireland Kopsch, Editor • February 5, 2024

University of Alabama, Ohio State University, University of Georgia, University of Michigan and University of Colorado, which is coached by none...

The water polo team practices in the Groves pool.
Groves men’s water polo prepares for state championship
Erika Rice November 10, 2023

Our Groves men’s water polo team is going to the state championship— although they’re not going far, as Groves will be hosting this year.      Head...

The WOCC:  Part one
The WOCC: Part one
Sylvie Ball and Christina Jones, editors • February 16, 2024

“If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive.”  -Audre Lorde   The...

Wynter Wright, Staff • February 16, 2024

The dark and the light exist together to help us come to balance. The light is your intuition, your morals, your values.  if you don’t...

I want to feel your energy like I feel the ground beneath me.
To my Secret Admirer:
Wynter Wright, Staff • February 6, 2024

To my Secret Admirer: Ever find your mind drifting into the forest that is our love? Daydreaming about my fingers running through your...

Sussman highlights her career in New York City as coming from her time in Birmingham Public Schools. She puts emphasis on the importance of chasing after your goals and putting yourself in the best position.
Rachel Sussman's Broadway success inspires students
Gracie Raznick and Samantha Jacobs February 15, 2024

On February 8, students at Groves High School were given the opportunity to meet Broadway producer Rachel Sussman. Sussman is known for her incredible...

Bratz and Barbie besties! Annie on the left is team Barbie and Wynter, on the right, is team Bratz!
Bratz vs Barbie
Wynter Wright, Reporter • February 6, 2024

Do you believe that expressing all parts yourself is important? Using creativity to express yourself, whether through clothing or makeup, is...

Taylor Swift Performing during the final days of her 2013 Red tour at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.
Taylor's Version
Marta Jimenez Pelay, Leah Kutinsky, and Abigail Camaj February 5, 2024

Taylor Swift, the world-famous singer-songwriter, has influenced society with her re-recordings, also known as “Taylor’s Version”.  Swift's...

Willy Wonkas mom putting the finishing touches on the chocolate bars paper wrapper after making the bar homemade.
Reviewing the wonderful world of Wonka
Mia Boland and Katie Murawski February 5, 2024

Well, there’s chocolate, and there’s chocolate! Only Wonka’s makes your confidence sky-rocke-let! Yet another Willy Wonka movie was released...

Travis Scott performing merely a couple feet away from reporter, Kevin Sazgari.
CIRCUS MAXIMUS: Travis Scott in Detroit
Kevin Sazgari, Reporter • January 31, 2024

In the heart of Detroit, a concert at Little Caesars had been brewing for months and months and was finally upon us. Fans of the Houston-born...

Taylor Swift celebrating at a Chiefs game, unaware of the cameras facing her.
Did Taylor Swift ruin the Super Bowl?
Leah Kutinsky, Reporter • March 1, 2024

Taylor Swift is a great girlfriend and tries to support her boyfriend Travis Kelce, who is a tight end on the Chiefs, by attending his football games. Many people are glad to see...

Groves hallway at the beginning of 5th hour, the hallway is completely empty as the 10-10 rule prevents anyone from being in the hallway.
Groves' new rules: are they causing more harm than good?
Jack Stillwagon, Reporter • March 1, 2024

In prison, bathroom usage is restricted and inmates are only allowed outside of their cell at certain times. If prisoners are found outside their cell, they are punished. These...

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Alyson Rahl
Alyson Rahl

Alyson Rahl is a sophomore at Groves, she decided to take journalism because of her love of writing. She loves to participate and play in water polo, it has been over a year since she has started playing....

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