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Principal Dr. Susan Smith alerts staff about this online threat via email on December 2. Police have information that the original message was sent by a student from another school, and then edited to read Groves .  As there are a few different versions we have received, we are trying to determine who has edited this message. Thank you to the students and staff who reached out to make sure we were aware, Smith wrote. In her thank you message to students over the loud speaker, Smith cautioned students against continuing to Tweet this threat after it had been deemed not credible.
Oxford shooting sparks threats against Birmingham district, admin explains why school remained open
Caden Meyers, Staff Writer • July 17, 2022

“I'm gonna shoot you guys, and if I can't bring a gun, I will...

Vocal anti-vaxxer and anti-masker Christina Odell speaks at the Birmingham Public School District board meeting on October 17. In her speech, she mocked mask wearers and compared this current situation to the Marxist agenda. She wears her nametag on the side of her arm, an ode to Nazi soldiers who wore their swastikas armbands in the same place. Odell referred to COVID as a hoax, and not something to fret about. “It’s a virus, a germ; unfortunate, but youll survive,” Odell said.
Community members threaten those who support health protocols to prevent spread of COVID
Sample Student, Staff Writer • July 17, 2022

“No masks for the kids. If you keep pushing this crap, we are going to find...

The family of geese sunbathes by the pond on April 22.
First time in years, staff and DNR keep goslings alive in courtyards
Joelle Allen, News Editor • June 3, 2022

Eleven ducklings, six squirrels, five goslings, and a partridge in a pear tree. Okay,...

The buildings lined up and down the street guide all pedestrians eyes toward the huge Eiffel Tower staring down at everyone. This photo was taken at Rue Saint-Dominique on March 26.
My spring break experience in Paris
Jackson Schultz May 21, 2022

I heard the bustling crowds, speaking both French and English, past the crepe...

Virtual model shows the athletic building addition.
Upcoming athletic renovations will better Groves community
Leah Salzenstein, News Editor • June 3, 2022

The largest change in athletic facilities since the school’s opening has begun. Passed by the Birmingham community on March 10 BPS secured a bond of $195 million dollars toward...

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Beer leans back and poses at the end of a song at her concert on November 11, 2021.
Madison Beer concert review
Blair Chernow May 21, 2022

Sweat trickled down my back as I stood plastered to the girl in front of me...

Album cover of “Pixelbath” by Jean Dawson
Pixel Bath album review
Sample Student May 17, 2022

Jean Dawson is an emerging artist within the underground music scene, already...

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