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Sophomore, Maggie Locricchio, tries to multitask all her classes and extracurriculars illustrated on her cluttered laptop screen.

The Competition at Groves

Alexis Auten, Section Editor January 27, 2023

The Competition at Groves B, an above-average grade, but for some Groves students it might as well be an F. “A is the only way,” Alexis Heller said. Currently a junior at Groves, Heller has a...

The African Americans Changing Tomorrow club organized and broadcasted an MLK special activity for students just three days prior to the release of a racist exchange between students over social media, on January 12.

Groves administration responds to racist threats among students

Sarah Weinhaus and Elise Wagner January 19, 2023

Tensions were high as students returned back to school this Tuesday, January 17, following an incident made apparent during this past MLK weekend. A screenshot of a text conversation involving numerous...

Preparing for a stellar shot, Miller keeps his eyes on the ball and his focus in range during his game against Detroit Country Day on September 15, 2022.

Groves’ own Mori Miller to play college level soccer this fall

Nolen Kovan January 18, 2023

Pitzer College:  a small liberal arts college located in Claremont, California. When most people think of schools in California, they think of Stanford, USC or UCLA, but for senior soccer star Mori Miller,...

The Groves girls at West Bloomfield, awaiting tip-off.

Girls Varsity Basketball team works for the W

Maggie Locricchi, Writer January 18, 2023

Underdogs— also known as the athletes with some of the greatest stories of our time. How does one team prepare for a challenge? How does a player walk into a game knowing fate is not on their side? Groves’...

Goaltender Elizabeth Culbertson spectates from the net as the Blackhawks determinedly battle in the far end.

A look into the Girls’ Varsity Ice Hockey team…wait – that exists?

Reese Culbertson January 13, 2023

“You play like a girl.” A jab as casual as any other, with an implication so subtle it often goes unnoticed. This classically mocking statement faced by those who perform poorly in an activity derives...

Top 10 Christmas Movies

Top 10 Christmas Movies

Alexis Auten, Section Editor December 19, 2022

Top 10 Christmas Movies Will Ferrell. Kiera Knightley. Jim Carrey. Hugh Grant. All fantastic actors of varying genres. But what do they all have in common? Holiday movies. The holiday season has arrived,...

BPS Hosts Veterans Day Brunch

BPS Hosts Veteran’s Day Brunch

Erika Rice, Editor November 14, 2022

“Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid. They have earned our undying gratitude.” So said Harry Truman in 1945, and he was right— we will...

The family of geese sunbathes by the pond on April 22.

First time in years, staff and DNR keep goslings alive in courtyards

Joelle Allen, News Editor June 3, 2022

Eleven ducklings, six squirrels, five goslings, and a partridge in a pear tree. Okay, I take back the partridge, but everything else actually can be found in the B-wing courtyard. With our natural spaces...

Hoping nobody would notice: my life with Tourette syndrome

Hoping nobody would notice: my life with Tourette syndrome

Samantha Jacobs May 17, 2022

My body was bent, my head was down, and I could feel my teeth stinging as I drank from the ice cold water fountain. I was in third grade, and Mrs. Redabaugh, our long term sub, had let me go. The hall...

The Midnight Golf Program

The Midnight Golf Program

Sample Student May 17, 2022

“Only negros sit in the back. You are Black young men and women,” Mr. Gamlin panned the room looking at all of the Midnight Golf students moving to the front “so you will sit in the front”. My...

“Actions Not Words. A Ukrainian woman, dressed in a Ukrainian-style scarf, holds up her handwritten poster to support the Detroit’s Hart Plaza protest on February 27. This is a simple yet powerful phrase to emphasize the light needed against the horror unveiling in Ukraine and its poor citizens, many of them are my relatives.

How the horror of my native land unlocks a longing for my family’s safety in Ukraine

Anastasea Marynovska, Editor April 17, 2022

  “Your cousin got drafted.” My heart jolted to a stop, bile rose from deep in my stomach up to my throat and my chest ached with longing, sympathy, and sheer panic as the four words slipped...

Since age nine I’ve been struggling with contamination OCD. I’ve washed my hands so vigorously that they’d crack open and bleed. I’ve felt trapped in the bathroom, unable to move from the sink and bottle of soap. Crying as family members desperately beg me to stop my compulsions.

Hollywood hides the real stories of OCD

Leah Salzenstein, Editor April 17, 2022

Whenever I tell people I have OCD I usually get asked if my bedroom is neatly organized or if my food can’t touch each other on my plate. Numerous times I’ve been told that my condition is cool or...

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