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Samantha Jacobs, Editor April 11, 2024

As I sit with this pain, this pressure, this full, I feel like a brick, a thousand tons. My stomach more than full. It pulls at my heart, at my reason, my head. And I wish this part of me was...

Love yourz

Love yourz

Sylvie Ball, Editor March 8, 2024

When asking students from Groves High School what their favorite movie or show that represents love was, I got a lot of the same type of answers.  “‘The Notebook’, because Noah put so much effort...

The WOCC: part two

The WOCC: part two

Sylvie Ball and Christina Jones March 1, 2024

A mini triumph had been made for every woman of color that attended Seaside Prep. We had a club room, an advisor and members- although it was only 3 members… That was besides the point though, a battle...

The WOCC:  Part one

The WOCC: Part one

Sylvie Ball and Christina Jones, editors February 16, 2024

“If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive.”  -Audre Lorde   The class stares back at me with blank faces, but...



Wynter Wright, Staff February 16, 2024

The dark and the light exist together to help us come to balance. The light is your intuition, your morals, your values.  if you don’t listen to the light, the darkness will come in. Your...

I want to feel your energy like I feel the ground beneath me.

To my Secret Admirer:

Wynter Wright, Staff February 6, 2024

To my Secret Admirer: Ever find your mind drifting into the forest that is our love? Daydreaming about my fingers running through your thick hair like vines run through soil. You shield yourself...

Baity Wagner with her mom at a summer swim meet in 2015.

August 31, 2023

Baity Wagner, Staff January 24, 2024

“Ashton, why don’t you go with your mom to walk the dog?” My dad suggested to my brother. That’s weird, my Dad and my stepmom always go on walks together. Luna isn’t gonna walk out the door without...

What it means to be human

Wynter Wright January 18, 2024

My question is, can you even grasp what it means to be human  besides the fact that we’re born, consume, grow, maybe reproduce and die?  The facts state complex comprehension, language, emotion...

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