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I Want To Believe

I Want To Believe

Erika Rice January 23, 2023

Bill Konkolesky’s first memory is of a “little gray guy” entering his bedroom and staring down at him. Konkolesky, who was two years old, called for his parents, but by the time they arrived, the...

Senior Reese Culbertson reenacts the long hours of studying she completed for the SAT. She recounts the numerous hours she spent studying the outdated and extensive subjects covered on the SAT.

Standardized Testing Does More Harm Than Good

Leah Salzenstein, Managing Editor January 20, 2023

I look out the window of my dad’s car and wait for the sound of his disapproving sigh. “Well…you tried. I guess that’s all that really matters,” he says. Between his deep sigh and the reluctance...

Preparing for a stellar shot, Miller keeps his eyes on the ball and his focus in range during his game against Detroit Country Day on September 15, 2022.

Groves’ own Mori Miller to play college level soccer this fall

Nolen Kovan January 18, 2023

Pitzer College:  a small liberal arts college located in Claremont, California. When most people think of schools in California, they think of Stanford, USC or UCLA, but for senior soccer star Mori Miller,...

A Look into the  Bathrooms at Groves High School

A Look into the Bathrooms at Groves High School

Gabe Faber, Staff January 17, 2023

Nature Calls! No matter how hard we might try to avoid it, everyone has to go. Relieving yourself in a personal bathroom is not always an option—sometimes you have no choice but to use the dreaded public...

Goaltender Elizabeth Culbertson spectates from the net as the Blackhawks determinedly battle in the far end.

A look into the Girls’ Varsity Ice Hockey team…wait – that exists?

Reese Culbertson January 13, 2023

“You play like a girl.” A jab as casual as any other, with an implication so subtle it often goes unnoticed. This classically mocking statement faced by those who perform poorly in an activity derives...

The author reading the listicles mentioned in this article.

You Can’t Change My Mind: Home Alone is the Greatest Christmas Movie of All Time

Erika Rice, Copy Editor December 15, 2022

Everyone’s a critic, and now, the Internet has turned against the best Christmas movie of all time— Chris Columbus’s 1990 masterpiece, Home Alone. Perhaps the biggest offender when it comes to...

	The Groves’ Women’s Empowerment club shares their excitement over the free period products in the restrooms using their platform on Instagram. Baskets full of new products are available to all students using the women’s or unisex restrooms. The baskets are refilled every week to meet the needs of all students. To hear about future events and projects, check out the Groves Women’s Empowerment Club’s Instagram page, at groveswec.

On Your Period? Women’s Empowerment Club has you Covered

Leah Salzenstein, Editor November 17, 2022

“She must be on her period,” a boy in my English class mocks a girl for simply being passionate.  “Females are too emotional,” young boys say on Tiktok.  These statements are some of the...

Sophomore Kaitlyn Stievater expresses fear of being trapped in the never-ending cycle of bankruptcy. If she were to take Personal Finance, she could learn the multiple ways of avoiding financial mistakes.

Why personal finance should be a required course

Emma Schardt July 24, 2022

Senior Kate Silverman wishes she had learned how to file taxes, how to maintain a credit card, how to finance a house, how to reduce college debt, and how to open a savings account in one of her four years...

I lay in the grass under a tombstone, imitating the death of yet another anti-vaxxer. The message engraved on the tombstone on the shirt, “I Did My Own Research”, repeats those who deny science and to ignore the advice of medical experts to do their own “Google” searches. This mentality is detrimental to our community as it causes the continuous spread of misinformation and repeatedly calls for the end of the very practices that can end this pandemic..

DeMarco’s Mark: Anti-vaccine/mask community must stop denying science to help end this pandemic.

Emma Demarco July 24, 2022

Michigan recently became the number COVID hot spot in the nation. Just like COVID, hate against COVID protections has contaminated our district and even its board meetings. When speaking to the board...

Hoping nobody would notice: my life with Tourette syndrome

Hoping nobody would notice: my life with Tourette syndrome

Samantha Jacobs May 17, 2022

My body was bent, my head was down, and I could feel my teeth stinging as I drank from the ice cold water fountain. I was in third grade, and Mrs. Redabaugh, our long term sub, had let me go. The hall...

Since age nine I’ve been struggling with contamination OCD. I’ve washed my hands so vigorously that they’d crack open and bleed. I’ve felt trapped in the bathroom, unable to move from the sink and bottle of soap. Crying as family members desperately beg me to stop my compulsions.

Hollywood hides the real stories of OCD

Leah Salzenstein, Editor April 17, 2022

Whenever I tell people I have OCD I usually get asked if my bedroom is neatly organized or if my food can’t touch each other on my plate. Numerous times I’ve been told that my condition is cool or...

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