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CIRCUS MAXIMUS: Travis Scott in Detroit

Jack Whitman
Travis Scott performing merely a couple feet away from reporter, Kevin Sazgari.

In the heart of Detroit, a concert at Little Caesars had been brewing for months and months and was finally upon us. Fans of the Houston-born psychedelic trap legend, Travis Scott, gathered for what most would say was the most memorable concert experience of their lives. This was no ordinary show. It exceeded the boundaries of your average live performance, filling my night with anticipation and awe.

 The prelude to the concert were some of my favorite moments of the night. My group of friends and I wanted the full in-depth experience, so we decided to go early to meet with other fans and buy merch. This anticipation with all of these people created a unique atmosphere that I hadn’t felt at a concert before, like it was setting the stage for what would be the best live show I had been to. Little Caesars Arena proved to be the perfect venue for the energy of this show, particularly because it became an integral part of the concert experience, and altered the entire show by having an interactive and visually pleasing stage, which had innovative lighting, pyrotechnics, lasers, and all kinds of other interactive elements. The immersive design added an extra dimension to the performance as we waited for Travis to come out. 

Travis Scott’s stage set for CIRCUS MAXIMUS. (Kevin Sazgari)

The opener, Teezo Touchdown, put on a great pre-concert performance. He performed his biggest songs and interacted with the audience. Teezo created even more anticipation and hype for the main event. As Teezo made his exit and the lights dimmed, the real anticipation for Travis began. We stood in one spot for around an hour, eagerly and impatiently waiting. We checked social media sites to see when he came out in other cities, and many sources said 9:30. Sure enough, as we watched the second hand circle the clock as it struck half-past nine, the lights cut out and Travis Scott and his DJ, Chase B, took the stage. Their presence was nothing short of exceptional. The mere knowledge of their presence in the building created an easily perceivable excitement throughout the crowd. They had an extraordinary setlist planned for the night, featuring mostly tracks from his most recent and highly anticipated album “UTOPIA,” bringing a fresh atmosphere to his tour. He opened with the song ‘HYAENA,’ which is the first track on the album, and was definitely the most adrenaline rushing moment of the night.

Having bought floor tickets, I found myself in the front row for the majority of the concert. I didn’t start there, though. At the beginning of the show I was in the very back of the pit. Luckily for me though, as the very first song began playing, the crowd was so eager to jump around and get excited for Travis’s arrival that they opened a walkway directly to the barricade. This never happens at concerts, so the fact that this was happening to me was a big deal. I grabbed my friend Jack by the shirt and ran to the barricade. I looked up once I got myself together and there he was; Travis Scott was standing 5 feet away from me screaming into his microphone. This was easily one of the most surreal moments of my life. Having this kind of proximity provided an almost strangely personal feeling with him, while still being able to feel the energy of the crowd and witnessing the performance from the best vantage point. 

As the night went on, he continued to play much more of UTOPIA, and then as any artist would, his biggest hits. Massive songs like ‘SICKO MODE’, ‘BUTTERFLY EFFECT’, and ‘90210’ really got the crowd going because these were his most well known tracks. The electricity and sheer volume that was projected from these songs was unlike anything I had ever heard or seen before. His ability to interact with the crowd while maintaining nothing short of an amazing performance was out of this world. 

Travis Scott’s set begins to rise as he performs one of his most popular songs, 90210. (Kevin Sazgari)

About halfway through the show, he invited up a select few very lucky audience members onto what he calls “The Parasail”. The Parasail is a massive head shaped stone that floats around during the concert. These people climbed onto it and rode around above everyone while he performed. This is another perfect example of how immersive and interactive his shows are. The transitions between songs were not only seamless but also downright amazing, which allowed the whole show to feel like a continuous flow that kept the energy there. My personal favorite was the transition from ‘NO BYSTANDERS’ to ‘FEIN’, which is currently the second most popular song off UTOPIA. He played FEIN an upwards of five times. He does this at every show, where the amount of times he replays the song is based off how much energy he feels from the crowd, to which he says the phrase; “I’m feining for more!” and replays the chorus again and again. As the concert began to come to a close, he played his more mellow songs, such as TELEKINESIS, to close out the show. It felt like the perfect ending and the exact closure I needed for the night. Unforgettable.

Travis Scott’s Detroit concert was more than just your average show– it was an immersive journey into his artistry. The combination of merch, stage design, live performance, and the sense of community made this night a highlight in my idea of live music experiences. The atmosphere before, during, and after was nothing short of electric. As the echoes of the concert linger in my brain, the connection creates a lasting impact that goes beyond the confines of a single night. The impression left by it has been etched into my memory as a standout moment among my music experiences, and not surprisingly, going to this concert has allowed me to appreciate Travis’s music even more, making it sound that much better in retrospect.


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