What to do if you’re staying home for Spring Break

A Spring Break Countdown brought to you by The Groves Scriptor websites homepage. Check it out.

A Spring Break Countdown brought to you by The Groves Scriptor website’s homepage. Check it out.

Spring Break is just around the corner Groves’ students will return April 3 with sun tans, sandy hair, and relaxed minds. But, for the students who aren’t going somewhere this break, the challenge of figuring out what to do can seem impossible.


Have a movie marathon

Now’s the time to relax. With spring testing on the way, you soon won’t have any free time. Re-watching or watching a movie series can fill up your time and keep you entertained. Some of the most notable movie series to watch are Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, or Divergent. Netflix just added every Hunger Games movie to their platform- perfect time to binge! Get yourself some themed snacks, find a comfy spot and you’re good to go.


Have a self-care day

Most will return from spring break with perfect tans, even though the UV in Michigan won’t be enough to attain that, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring the UV glow to you. Try a new face mask (maybe make one), paint your nails, try out new hairstyles, use a hair mask, or take a bath. Make sure to do your research on what face and hair masks will work the best on your skin and hair type. Now that you have the time, use it to your advantage and focus on yourself. 


Take up a new hobby

Instead of just staying on your phone all break and letting the days waste away, you could try a new hobby. If you’ve ever really wanted to start something new, but never had enough time, now’s your window of opportunity. Some hobbies you could start are baking, yoga, reading, painting, journaling, and more. Find ways that you can enjoy yourself and feel productive. Whatever hobby you choose you could also try and continue after spring break as a stress reliever or a way to fill up your study breaks with something fun.


Bake or Cook something new

Instead of eating meals on the go you now are able to fit in all of the nutrition you’ve been lacking from late-night study snacks. Whether you don’t know how to cook or bake at all, or just want to do it more, you have a whole week to perfect your skills. You can check out cookbooks from the library, or look up recipes online. Sticking to a recipe also isn’t something you have to do; if you’d rather start from scratch and experiment go for it. You can start easy by making no-bake cookies, or go all out and make a four-course meal. There’s so much freedom in the kitchen. Your friends will never want to leave your side when they return to home-cooked food courtesy of you and your new skills.


Now that you have activities to fill up your time over spring break, you’ll completely forget about all of your friends in Florida and Mexico. Spring break is the time for you to pick up hobbies and use your time to try new things and pamper yourself. We all have to rejuvenate ourselves to push through the rest of the trimester and make it to summer.