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Straight from the pages of his mother’s scrapbook, this picture shows Arvid and his brother Eren on a snowy day in Belgium. This memory is one of many from Arvid’s childhood - adventures throughout Europe and beyond. From Belgium and Estonia, to Turkey, Greece and France, Arvid and his family have traveled far and experienced many cultures.

Culture shocks at Groves

Leah Salzenstein, Managing Editor March 3, 2023

As someone who hopes to travel the world some day, experience new cultures and try some unique cuisine, I often forget that I can open my eyes to new perspectives right here at Groves. Maybe in ten years...

Boyne City Tourist Guide

Boyne City Tourist Guide

Katie Murawski, Editor January 18, 2023

The author reading the listicles mentioned in this article.

You Can’t Change My Mind: Home Alone is the Greatest Christmas Movie of All Time

Erika Rice, Copy Editor December 15, 2022

Everyone’s a critic, and now, the Internet has turned against the best Christmas movie of all time— Chris Columbus’s 1990 masterpiece, Home Alone. Perhaps the biggest offender when it comes to...

Library Media Specialist, Ann Truesdell busy at work at the Groves Library. “My favorite thing, well I love the kids, I also love as far as library work go, I love when new books come in and I get to process the new books, thats my favorite” Ann Truesdell said.

The Lavish, Lively, Library

November 17, 2022

With more than 1500 students and 7 acres of land Groves is one of the best educating buildings to learn at. The numerous sports and clubs offered here at Groves make it easy for students to be involved....

BPS Hosts Veterans Day Brunch

BPS Hosts Veteran’s Day Brunch

Erika Rice, Editor November 14, 2022

“Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid. They have earned our undying gratitude.” So said Harry Truman in 1945, and he was right— we will...

Sophomore Kaitlyn Stievater expresses fear of being trapped in the never-ending cycle of bankruptcy. If she were to take Personal Finance, she could learn the multiple ways of avoiding financial mistakes.

Why personal finance should be a required course

Emma Schardt July 24, 2022

Senior Kate Silverman wishes she had learned how to file taxes, how to maintain a credit card, how to finance a house, how to reduce college debt, and how to open a savings account in one of her four years...

Principal Dr. Susan Smith alerts staff about this online threat via email on December 2. Police have information that the original message was sent by a student from another school, and then edited to read Groves .  As there are a few different versions we have received, we are trying to determine who has edited this message. Thank you to the students and staff who reached out to make sure we were aware, Smith wrote. In her thank you message to students over the loud speaker, Smith cautioned students against continuing to Tweet this threat after it had been deemed not credible.

Oxford shooting sparks threats against Birmingham district, admin explains why school remained open

Caden Meyers, Staff Writer July 17, 2022

“I'm gonna shoot you guys, and if I can't bring a gun, I will bring a knife.” An 8th grade Berkshire middle school student shouted this to a Berkshire 7th grader, and multiple students...

Vocal anti-vaxxer and anti-masker Christina Odell speaks at the Birmingham Public School District board meeting on October 17. In her speech, she mocked mask wearers and compared this current situation to the Marxist agenda. She wears her nametag on the side of her arm, an ode to Nazi soldiers who wore their swastikas armbands in the same place. Odell referred to COVID as a hoax, and not something to fret about. “It’s a virus, a germ; unfortunate, but youll survive,” Odell said.

Community members threaten those who support health protocols to prevent spread of COVID

July 17, 2022

“No masks for the kids. If you keep pushing this crap, we are going to find you people and tie a full mask to your face for years to come. Leave my children alone or you will be dealing with me." ...

10% of personnel reduced in aftermath of BPS budget shortfall

10% of personnel reduced in aftermath of BPS budget shortfall

Erika Rice June 10, 2022

Someone can buy a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT for $1.5 million. The budget for the 2016 Oscar-winning drama film Moonlight was $1.5 million. A (slightly damaged) Honus Wagner baseball card sold...

 Junior Sydney Herrmann texts her friends and discusses the mood at school on Thursday, December 2, following the shooting at Oxford High School.  “I was petrified. It was eerily quiet. Everyone was still in shock from what had happened the day prior. While walking through the halls, everyone was looking at each other with a distrustful and scared look on their faces as if they were prepared for the worst from anyone at any time,” Herrmann said.

Anxiety following the Oxford shooting leads to increasing safety procedures

Elise Wagner, Co-Editor-in-Chief May 17, 2022

“The entire building felt heavy and eerie. I can’t even remember if I’ve ever felt this way at school before. I was suddenly very aware of my surroundings, who I walked past, the random sounds from...

With a smile spread across my face, I prepare to blow out the candles on my eighth birthday cake during October of 2012. My mom stands behind in admiration, with her arms wrapped around me

Hoping it will never be the last hug

Sarah Weinhaus December 15, 2021

They would all be in high school today. Some of them freshmen, some seniors, maybe they’d be graduated and enjoying their first years of college. They’d be learning new things. Leading social lives,...

The Twin Towers hover over Manhattan, New York in a sketch by junior Nolen Kovan. The Twin Towers were two of the seven office buildings in The World Trade Center complex, and even prior to the September 11 attacks, the most influential. These monumental structures and popular tourist attractions were one of the three sights destroyed on September 11. A single skyscraper, which we solely call, the World Trade Center, has replaced the Twin Towers near where they once stood.

Two decades later, staff reflects on loss that still lingers post 9/11

Sarah Weinhaus and Alaina Williams November 24, 2021

Twenty years later many who are now part of our school still feel the shock. September 11th, 2001. Sometime after 9:10 a.m. Cries echoed across the building followed by unforeseen silence and disbelief. ...

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