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Sophomore Kaitlyn Stievater expresses fear of being trapped in the never-ending cycle of bankruptcy. If she were to take Personal Finance, she could learn the multiple ways of avoiding financial mistakes.

Why personal finance should be a required course

Emma Schardt July 24, 2022

Senior Kate Silverman wishes she had learned how to file taxes, how to maintain a credit card, how to finance a house, how to reduce college debt, and how to open a savings account in one of her four years...

I lay in the grass under a tombstone, imitating the death of yet another anti-vaxxer. The message engraved on the tombstone on the shirt, “I Did My Own Research”, repeats those who deny science and to ignore the advice of medical experts to do their own “Google” searches. This mentality is detrimental to our community as it causes the continuous spread of misinformation and repeatedly calls for the end of the very practices that can end this pandemic..

DeMarco’s Mark: Anti-vaccine/mask community must stop denying science to help end this pandemic.

Emma Demarco July 24, 2022

Michigan recently became the number COVID hot spot in the nation. Just like COVID, hate against COVID protections has contaminated our district and even its board meetings. When speaking to the...

Student Biography

July 17, 2022

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Sample Student Biography

July 17, 2022

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Test Sports Score

July 17, 2022

With a smile spread across my face, I prepare to blow out the candles on my eighth birthday cake during October of 2012. My mom stands behind in admiration, with her arms wrapped around me

Hoping it will never be the last hug

Sarah Weinhaus December 15, 2021

They would all be in high school today. Some of them freshmen, some seniors, maybe they’d be graduated and enjoying their first years of college. They’d be learning new things. Leading social lives,...

The Twin Towers hover over Manhattan, New York in a sketch by junior Nolen Kovan. The Twin Towers were two of the seven office buildings in The World Trade Center complex, and even prior to the September 11 attacks, the most influential. These monumental structures and popular tourist attractions were one of the three sights destroyed on September 11. A single skyscraper, which we solely call, the World Trade Center, has replaced the Twin Towers near where they once stood.

Two decades later, staff reflects on loss that still lingers post 9/11

Sarah Weinhaus and Alaina Williams November 24, 2021

Twenty years later many who are now part of our school still feel the shock. September 11th, 2001. Sometime after 9:10 a.m. Cries echoed across the building followed by unforeseen silence and disbelief. ...

Team captains senior RJ Carrell, senior Dylan Brown, and junior Nolen Kovan hold the Division 2 Boys Tennis State Championship trophy, before being honored during the football game’s halftime on October 22.

Boys varsity tennis team brings home The State Title

Sarah Weinhaus November 24, 2021

  “Nobody really expected us to win,” junior two doubles player Dylan Wolf said. The boys varsity tennis team entered the state championship as underdogs, but left as champions on October...

Sophomore Adi Gerken barely manages to stay awake during her online Zoom’s classes. “It was hard to stay awake in class because I knew that I could sleep and the teacher wouldn’t know,” Gerken said. The action of falling asleep in class had become part of some kids daily routine. Paying attention in class became a chore.

How online school affected teenagers

Alexis Auten November 24, 2021

Wake up. Join Zoom. Log off. Go to bed. An average Groves student's day summed up last year. Teenagers in our community are struggling with the transition from Zoom back to in person this year; not just...

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