What Stars Taste like


Photo courtesy of NBC.

Maya Rudds posing for a publicity event.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style” – Maya Angelou

It feels like yesterday when I hit the stage of AGT ALL STARS. I can still feel the rush of excitement and the roar of the crowd. The moment the lights went up and the cameras flashed, it was all or nothing. I’ve learned a performer doesn’t start performing when they hit the stage, they embody it off stage as well. It starts in your attitude, in your graces and commitment. I stared in the mirror of the dressing room smiling at what I have become. I saw the inspired 10-year-old girl with stars in her eyes gazing at her first Broadway show, Mary Poppins and realizing her life belongs on the stage. I wanted this moment to mean something, all of the hours practicing routines until my legs and arms were numb, all the frustration, screaming and all of the tears would finally pay off. I am now an 18 year old performer and aspiring actress and I am proud to say I have made that little girl’s dream come true and I’m not stopping here…

Maya Rudds doing a fit check. (Maya Rudds)

Being on AGT ALL STARS was nothing short of a life changing once in a lifetime opportunity. Since I was a young girl, I’ve known I wanted to be on the stage being my creative self. Growing up in the church, music and dance blossomed a passion in me. Being on AGT has really opened me up more and I’ve learned so much about myself. Mr. White, Artistic director of the Detroit Youth Choir, has always reached out and made sure I’ve had every opportunity to better myself as a performer. I’ve learned about perseverance, vision, a drive for excellence and to put effort into everything I do. During my time in AGT with the Detroit Youth Choir my vocal, dance and performance coaches reminded me that there will always be people who will rain on your sunny day, and I cannot let those people determine how I act. The majority love who I am now and or they won’t. I can’t focus on the small minority or I will never grow. The Road was tough no doubt, but my friends and I or what I should say my family put everything we had on stage and left smoke. Seeing the judges, living on a film set for 3 weeks, and crying and laughing with all of those around me is something I take with me everyday. This was a moment for life.