Deck the Hall(way)s-The Groves Mural Club


Helena Zweig

An image of the Haring mural in action! Photo By: Helena Zweig (May 8th)

Groves is sprucing up its hallways with new murals galore! I’m sure you’ve seen the Falcon’s Nest brick exterior popping into the frame, and an exciting project celebrating popular late artist Keith Haring. Since its inception a little over two years ago, the Mural Club has crafted a multitude of artistic visuals that spread throughout the halls of Groves.


The aquatic wonderland mural by the Fashion Merchandising room. Photo By: Helena Zweig (May 4th) (Helena Zweig)
The newest addition to our school: a lush green, scenic view next to the Commons (a project that Groves students made for the art fair last year). Photo By: Helena Zweig (May 4th) (Helena Z)

Groves art teacher and Mural Club advisor Anthony Fink claims he’s wanted an excuse to do Keith Haring for so long, and when Groves Sexuality Alliance (GSA) approached him for a mural, he was able to make that dream become reality.

 “His art is so playful and joyful. And then we were thinking about that wall [right main hall] and one of his characters is going to have a pride flag. It also ties in that there’s Wee Care right across the hall…So it’s kind of like both aesthetics. Wee Care aesthetic…GSA aesthetic, and also our school aesthetic sort of superimposed in that same area,” Fink said.

Mr. Fink posing after he explains his take on the newest corridor elements. Photo By: Helena Zweig (May 5th) (Helena Zweig)

The combination of child-like hues and graphically bold linework makes an eye-catching display for sure.

It’s a perfect subject for a mural, as this Groves arrangement is full of beautiful colors that are always present in Haring’s compositions. Mr. Fink describes it as seeming “…to tie all those colors together, making that hallway seem pretty cohesive.” It’s both an eye-catching standalone and a thread connecting all the other works around the building.

An image of the Haring mural in action! Photo By: Helena Zweig (May 8th) (Helena Zweig)

Finally, Stay tuned for more from the mural club! (Look out for some changes in the “Zen Den,” I hear they’re in the works).  Search for new projects in the hallways and email [email protected] or come to the Mural Club to be a step in our school’s next beautification projects!