Fitness at Groves


Flynn O'Connor

Our school’s weight room, ready to be used.

Health is a very interesting subject in today’s society. It’s a lot more acceptable to look however you want these days. So is fitness really important? Does Groves have healthy students and fitness options?

Groves provides a multitude of opportunities for exercise both during and outside school hours. There are a lot of classes, such as basketball, net sports, total fitness and the required personal fitness. Groves also has lots of sports programs such as football, basketball, swimming, wrestling, track and more. But what can we do to improve or add to such classes? I asked this question to one of our very own fitness instructors, Mrs. Petrovich. When we asked Petrovich if Groves is healthy, her response was optimistic.

“Over the past few years, I almost think students are more active. At least this year I’ve had healthy, active kids,” said Petrovich.

When asked about our options as a high school, Petrovich states that although we have many fitness options, the school needs to work on advertising them.

“I think we have a lot of opportunities, I don’t know if a lot of people know about all our opportunities. I feel like they’re not publicized a lot,” said Petrovich.

Both of these answers are a relief. Kids getting healthier over the years is a very good thing. Groves also has options for kids who want to exercise or work out. Mrs. Petrovich stated that they’re not advertised enough, which could be why a lot of the classes are not that popular. What can we do to fix that? Well, this article does promote fitness, so that’s one way we can get more people up and moving.

I personally think it’s important to be athletic and healthy. There are countless health benefits to working out and exercising. One of these is simply being happy. There have been many times in my life when I was upset about something, then I did some form of exercise. That exercise calmed me down and cleared my mind to help me resolve the issue. I also personally try to look my best at almost all times. I also like to stay strong and active. I love going to the gym. I also enjoy seeing my progress and knowing the months of sweating and suffering was worth it. I think it’s one of the most rewarding yet simple feelings life can give you. I deeply enjoy exercising and fitness — there are just so many benefits!

Exercise isn’t for everyone. It’s ok for people not to like exercise and fitness. But remember that staying healthy is essential in life— a healthy life is a happy life.