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	The Groves’ Women’s Empowerment club shares their excitement over the free period products in the restrooms using their platform on Instagram. Baskets full of new products are available to all students using the women’s or unisex restrooms. The baskets are refilled every week to meet the needs of all students. To hear about future events and projects, check out the Groves Women’s Empowerment Club’s Instagram page, at groveswec.

On Your Period? Women’s Empowerment Club has you Covered

Leah Salzenstein, Editor November 17, 2022

“She must be on her period,” a boy in my English class mocks a girl for simply being passionate.  “Females are too emotional,” young boys say on Tiktok.  These statements are some of the...

BPS Hosts Veterans Day Brunch

BPS Hosts Veteran’s Day Brunch

Erika Rice, Editor November 14, 2022

“Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid. They have earned our undying gratitude.” So said Harry Truman in 1945, and he was right— we will...

This is the pumpkin bread.

Trying Pumpkin Treats from Pinterest

Lauren Tandy, Staff October 25, 2022

As Sweater Weather approaches, there are a few activities that help to really get us in the fall spirit. While watching horror movies or buying fun fall outfits may be popular favorites, I’d argue that...

Sophomore Kaitlyn Stievater expresses fear of being trapped in the never-ending cycle of bankruptcy. If she were to take Personal Finance, she could learn the multiple ways of avoiding financial mistakes.

Why personal finance should be a required course

Emma Schardt July 24, 2022

Senior Kate Silverman wishes she had learned how to file taxes, how to maintain a credit card, how to finance a house, how to reduce college debt, and how to open a savings account in one of her four years...

Fellow varsity teammates pump up sophomore Sophia Scott during the player introductions before the volleyball game against Seaholm on September 9. We line up and high-five each other during player introductions for every home game, senior Lydia McKeever said.

How a strong relationship between players on girls volleyball team helped on and off the court

Jordan Allen July 24, 2022

My heart raced. It was my first home game playing on varsity as a sophomore, and I really hoped I didn't mess up. I really hoped to make my coach proud. It was my turn to serve. The score was 23-19....

I lay in the grass under a tombstone, imitating the death of yet another anti-vaxxer. The message engraved on the tombstone on the shirt, “I Did My Own Research”, repeats those who deny science and to ignore the advice of medical experts to do their own “Google” searches. This mentality is detrimental to our community as it causes the continuous spread of misinformation and repeatedly calls for the end of the very practices that can end this pandemic..

DeMarco’s Mark: Anti-vaccine/mask community must stop denying science to help end this pandemic.

Emma Demarco July 24, 2022

Michigan recently became the number COVID hot spot in the nation. Just like COVID, hate against COVID protections has contaminated our district and even its board meetings. When speaking to the board...

Policies and Procedures

July 10, 2022

Detailed Policies STUDENT PRESS LAW CENTER MODEL GUIDELINES & POLICY FOR  The Groves Scriptor  The Scriptor has existed as an open forum for student expression since its creation in the 1960’s. ...

Senior first baseman Ellie Kroll is concentrating on getting a hit while getting advice from her varsity coach Brian Baldridge on April 28  “ He shows us videos that symbolize us as a team and even though people don’t see us as the best we have to play like we’re the best because Coach tells us all the time he sees something in us, we just have to believe it.

Skipping JV, many girl softball players go straight to the top since their freshman year

Eliza Brown June 2, 2022

Freshman year softball player Ayden Weber stepped up to the plate on the varsity team after coach Brian Baldridge told Ayden, “You’re going in.” Weber was up to bat and had a 3-2 count. “With...

A silver hawk perched outside of the front entrance. The entrance was extremely welcoming. The silver hawk is a perfect pairing with the modern valet loop, senior Lexy Rosenwasser said.

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

Ethan Marcus May 21, 2022

Located in Troy on Big Beaver Road is the magnificent-LOOKING Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant. While the stunning entrance indicates that the food will be five-star worthy, it surely is not. A well-lit...

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